Building Chromium for iOS

  • You should have atleast 100 to 120 gb free space in your mac before getting into it. I’m suggesting you to have hard disk.
  • Fastest network connection (must)
  • You must have some patience to complete this task 😜

Step1 : Clone depot toot

git clone

Step2: Setting up path

vim .zshrc
export PATH="$PATH:/your path/depot_tools"
source .zshrc

Step3 : Create chromium directory

mkdir chromium && cd chromium

Step4 : Fetching iOS code

1. pwd2. ../depot_tools/fetch iOS

Step5 : Running iOS

Step6 : Syncing projects

Step7 : Setting up the build


Step8 : Creating Debug folder

For simulator,autoninja -C out/Debug-iphonesimulator gn_allFor device,autoninja -C out/Debug-iphoneos gn_all
ninja -C out/Official-iphoneos chrome
$ mkdir temp$ mkdir temp/Payload$ cp out/Official-iphoneos/ temp/Payload$ cd temp$ zip -r ../ .$ cd ..$ mv MyBrowser.ipa



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